New postdoc

Dr. Wenqiang Xu joined EvoCatalysis@UF! He graduated from Peking University.

Awards for two undergraduate students

Two undergraduate students (Leif and Audrey) co-supervised by Dr. Jing Pan’s lab were accepted to University Scholar Program. Congrats!


First postdoc

Dr. Wenqiang Cui joined EvoCatalysis@UF! He graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shenzhen).

First papers

Our paper on luciferase has been accepted by PNAS. Our review paper on ‘evolutionary catalysis’ has been accepted in National Science Review (IF=20.6).

First talks

Dr. Xie gave talks at UF Department of Chemistry and Genetics Institute.

Founding members

Leif Holmstrom (Microbiology and Cell Science) and Kevin Fernandez (Chemical Engineering) joined the group as undergraduate researchers. Dr. Heba Agha joined the group as research assistant.

New affiliations

Dr. Xie is now officially affiliated with the Genetics Institute and the UF Health Cancer Center.

First day

The EvoCatalysis lab is now officially open! We express our gratitude for the support from the College of Pharmacy and the Genetics Institute at UF.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Xie Lab! We delve into the methods nature employs to create effective catalysts, using these insights to advance biocatalysis engineering and pave the way for innovative therapeutic solutions. The lab will open in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at University of Florida in July 2023.